The SVG component is used to display an SVG image from a URL.

Adding SVG component

Steps to add SVG component to a screen.

  • Expand the Component Drawer by clicking the + option from the component menu on the left side.
  • Navigate to Data Tab by clicking the 3rd Tab in Properties Panel or simply by Pressing D from Keyboard.
  • Under the SVG option, paste the URL of the SVG image to get it displayed.

Style Properties

Style properties allow you to customize the look and feel of the component. Combinations of styles applied to components can be saved as Stylesheets to easily reuse styles throughout your app. Styles can also be set dynamically using Variables. To learn more about all the different styling properties and how they work, take a look at Intro to Styling.

Configuration Properties

Component NameTo alter the name of the component. The name is reflected in the Components tree. Defaults to SVG.

Data Properties

SVGA URL or variable containing a URL for the SVG to render

Conditional Display

You can conditionally display a component based on a given condition. Learn more about conditionally displaying components in the Conditional Display doc.