The FlashList component is used as a child of the Fetch component to display a list or grid of items from an API endpoint.

FlashList is optimized for large data sets to provide better rendering and performance as an alternative to the List component

Configuration Properties

Component Name To alter the name of the component. The name is reflected in the Components tree. Defaults to List.
Estimated Item Size A single numeric value that hints FlashList about the approximate size of the items before they're rendered. (read the docs)
By default, the value is set to 50.
HorizontalEnable so that the list's contents display horizontally.
Inverted Reverses the direction of scroll (read the docs)
Number of columns Define the number of columns the list should display. Accepts a number. By default, the value is set to 1.


On Refresh Starts the action when the element is refreshed
On End Reached Starts the action when the end threshold is reached

Adding a FlashList component


Learn how to set and use the Fetch and List component in Fetching Data.

Modifying Number of Columns

You can modify the Number of Columns property on a List component to add more columns.

  • Select the FlashList component in the Components tree.
  • Go to Configs tab (second tab) in the Properties Panel.
  • Specify a value for the property Number of columns.