Keyboard Shortcuts

Perform common actions using key combinations


Show/Hide Keyboard Shortcuts?
Switch Component and
Expand / Collapse Tree and
Delete ComponentDEL
Copy ComponentCMD+C or CTRL+C
Paste Component (Only on same Screen where copied)CMD+P or CTRL+P
Command PaletteCMD+K or CTRL+K

Properties Panel

Show Styles TabS
Show Confgs TabC
Show Data TabD
Show Interactions TabI

What can be reverted back using the Undo shortcut?

  • Trashed components can be restored.
  • Components can be moved back to the previous position/order in the component tree.

What can not be reverted back using the Undo shortcut?

  • Adding a Screen can not be undone.
  • Any applied style on components can not be undone.
  • Added triggers can not be deleted undone.
  • Set / mapped data to a component can not be undone.