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Custom Screen Code

The Custom Screen Code feature allows you to store functions on a screen-by-screen basis. To access this feature, click Screen Settings (the gear icon on the right of the name of your App) and then click Custom Code in the left sidebar.

After you've saved a function, you can access it in the Actions tab of the Properties Panel by attaching it to any Button or Touchable.



Lifecycle Methods


Invoked immediately after the component has been mounted.

Invoked immediately after the component has been updated.

Invoked right before the component is unmounted and destroyed.


The name that will be referenced in code to call the function.


A brief explanation of the function's purpose / what the function does.


Packages from Expo that enable additional functionality on your screen.

Package Name

Package that provides an interface to access Expo's asset system.

Package that provides Audio.Sound objects and Video components for managing audio and video playback.

Provides a component to use the device's camera to take photos or record video.

*Must require CAMERA permissions for the camera and RECORD_AUDIO permissions to record video.

Provides a component to use the device's camera as a barcode scanner.

*Must require CAMERA permissions

Provides a component that renders a native blur view on iOS and a semi-transparent view on Android. (see: Blur View)

Provides a component that renders a linear gradient.

Package that handles asking the user for various device permissions

Provides various APIs for accessing device sensors to measure motion, orientation, pressure, magnetic fields, and step count

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Custom Screen Code

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