A basic stepper that allows the user to increase and decrease its value.

Adding Stepper component

  • Select the Stepper component from the Components drawer. You can open the list of components by clicking the + button next to Components.
  • Then, add the Stepper component from the Components tree.
  • Go to the Data tab (third tab) in the Properties Panel.
  • Now you can assign a custom value for the component to display and start using the Initial Values property.

Configuration Properties

Component nameTo alter the name of the component. The name is reflected in the Components tree. Defaults to Stepper.
Icon SizeSize of the icons ('-' and '+').
ColorColor of the icons.
MinimumMinimum number (Lower limit)
MaximumMaximum number (Higher Limit0


Data SourceThe initial value or the starting of the stepper.

Initialize the stateful component with a value from a data source.

Accept value: any numerical value.