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Interactions Tab

Actions can be assigned to any Button or Touchable in your project. After you select a Button or Touchable in the Layer Tree, an Action panel will appear in the Config Panel.

Once opened, you will be able to assign one of the following options:

NavigateIn the dropdown, select a screen in the current navigator or a different navigator to navigate to. (Stack Navigator only: Aside from screens and navigators, a Go back option is in the dropdown which takes you to the previous screen in the stack.)
Open web browserEnter the URL for a website which will be opened in-app when tapped.
Open Link with LinkingConfigure a URL Scheme to open applications or the browser outside of the app.

URL schemes


Opens a new email in the Mail app with the email address provided set as the recipient.


Prompts user to call the the phone number provided.


Opens a new message in the SMS app with the phone number provided set as the recipient.

https:// or http://

Opens the website in the default browser, outside the app.

Google Maps

If Google Maps is installed on the user's device, the Google Maps application will open. If it isn't installed, Google Maps will open in the browser. Check the Google Maps Developer Guide for more information on constructing valid URLS.


Launch Google Maps with a list of locations that match the query with the closest one being pinned.


Launch Google Maps with directions to the location defined in the URL from the user's current location.

Display a Map

Launch a blank map with the user's location highlighted.

Display a Street View panorama

Launch a Street View panorama of the selected location.,2.295226&heading=-45&pitch=38&fov=80


Expo Documentation: Linking
Google Maps Developer Guide

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Interactions Tab

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