Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is where you'll be able to create and access all of the apps in your Personal Workspace.




The Updates tab will redirect you to [Draftbit's roadmap and changelog] where you will find the latest updates and announcements related to the product.

Starter Apps


Here you can copy any of the Starter App by clicking them. It will automatically be added to your Personal Workspace. They can provide you an initial structure to start building your mobile app.


If there's a Starter App you'd like to see, feel free to make a request here.

Example Screens


Here is where you can preview Example Screens and add them directly to one of your apps. These Example Screens can also be accessed inside of the Builder. To access any of these, click the + (plus) button next to Screens panel.



If there's an Example Screen you'd like to see, feel free to make a request here.



The Community tab will direct you to our Draftbit's Community which is the place to ask questions about using Draftbit, report bugs, read product announcements, and level up your screen building skills with existing guides tutorials. No additional sign-up is required -- you can login with your Draftbit account and start posting right away.



This tab will allow you to access our documentation directly from the Dashboard.

Feature Roadmap


This tab displays the Feature Roadmap, where you can preview what the Draftbit team is building and what's in work. Browse through the list of features users have requested and vote/comment on the features you'd like to see added to Draftbit. By voting on roadmap items, you'll automatically be updated on the progress of the feature.

If you don't see the feature you're looking for on the roadmap already, feel free to create a new request with the Request A Feature form on the left.



This tab is where you can manage all of your account and billing settings.

Basic Info

NameThe name on the account
Device ID (optional)Your Expo Device ID, found in the Expo app on your phone

Manage Membership

Here is where you can update or downgrade your plan, view past invoices, and update your payment method. Click the 'Manage Billing' button to be taken to the Stripe Portal.

Change Email

Here is where you can change the email address associated with the account. The email you configure here will be used to log in to your account going forward.

Change Password

Here is where you can change the password used to log in to your account.

Delete Account

Here is where you can delete your account to erase all of your existing apps and data. In order to do this, you must be downgraded to the Free plan. You can do this in the Manage Subscription section.