Scroll View

A Scroll View is a container component equipped with scrolling capabilities.


If you are creating a list from an array of data, use one of the list-type components like List or Table instead.

Adding a Scroll View component

  • Select the Scroll View component from the Components drawer. You can open the list of components by clicking the + button next to Components.
  • Next, add a few children components to create a list of items that is scrollable.

Style Properties

Style properties allow you to customize the look and feel of the component. Combinations of styles applied to components can be saved as Stylesheets to easily reuse styles throughout your app. Styles can also be set dynamically using Variables. To learn more about all the different styling properties and how they work, take a look at Intro to Styling.

Configuration Properties

Component NameTo alter the name of the component. The name is reflected in the Components tree. Defaults to Scroll View.
HorizontalEnable to position of the contents of the Scroll View into a row that will scroll horizontally.
Show Horizontal Scroll IndicatorEnable to show a bar that shows the progress of scrolling through the Scroll View horizontally.
Show Vertical Scroll IndicatorEnable to show a bar that shows the progress of scrolling through the Scroll View vertically.
BounceEnable so that the contents of the Scroll View bounce when the user reaches the end of the Scroll View.
Allow Touch EventsThe default behavior of the Keyboard is to dismiss when a touch component (for example, a Button) is pressed. This default behavior is set by the value Never.

Use the value Always when you want to continue to display the keyboard without dismissing the keyboard. In this scenario, to dismiss the keyboard after a touch component is pressed you will use the Dismiss Keyboard Action available on On Press trigger.

Data Properties

Conditional Display

You can conditionally display a component based on a given condition. Learn more about conditionally displaying components in the Conditional Display doc.