You can access all Settings from the left menu bar.

Basic Settings




Set the name for your app. This name will also be the name of the folder that is downloaded when you export your project.


Add more information about your application and state its purpose.

App Icon

Upload a .png image to use as your app's icon that will be displayed on a phone's home screen. Additionally, the icon will be displayed in Draftbit on the Dashboard.

Splash Screen

Upload a .png image that will be displayed while the application is loading.


The color will appear on the loading screen if a Splash Screen is not uploaded.

Resize Mode


The image is resized to fill the container while retaining its proportions, even if the container is larger than the dimensions of the image.


The image is resized so that the picture fits within the container and is fully visible, even if that means the image will not fill the entire container.

GitHub Settings

Settings related to the GitHub repository that can be connected with the Draftbit app. It will allow you to save the source code in a repo and manage versions.

Advanced Settings





Define if your application supports Android, iOS, or both platforms. Defaults to Both.


Select how your application is oriented on the screen. Defaults to 'Default' means the application will not be constrained to just one mode, either portrait or landscape.

PWA Theme Color

The default theme color of the PWA.


If you are planning on publishing your application on Expo, the slug refers to the application's URL ending. Since this will be used in a URL, make sure to separate words with '-' instead of spaces.

An example: where the slug is my-draftbit-app.




Supports Tablet

Define if your application supports tablets. Defaults to No.

Bundle Identifier

Set a bundle identifier which is a unique identifier for your app. This is normally set in reverse domain name notation (eg: com.draftbit.untitledapp).




Notification Mode

Set a notification appearance mode for Android devices.

Defaults to Default that displays an expanded notification.

The Collapse mode displays a notification in non-expanded mode.

Package Identifier

Set a package identifier which is a unique identifier for your app. This is normally set in reverse domain name notation (eg: com.draftbit.untitledapp).


Define what permissions the app will ask for when installed. All permissions are disabled by default. You will have to set permissions manually for each device functionality.

_Note: If your application uses a device/hardware feature (an example: Camera), it is required to enable that permission under this section before publishing the app to the Google Play Store.


For App & Device Variables

See the detailed docmentation here.

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