Size & Position


Specify minimum, maximum, or specifically set heights and widths for the element.

autoThe default setting that is calculated based on what other elements, if any, are inside the element.
ptExplicitly set an exact height/width.
percentageSet the height/width as a percentage of the height/width of the parent element.


Determines how a child element is placed in its parent container.

RelativePositions the element relative to the other elements in the parent container.
AbsoluteTakes the element out of the flow of all other elements in the child container. The top, right, left, and bottom values are used to determine the position of the element. Set these values to define how far away the element should be from the edges of the parent element.
Z-indexDetermines the level of the element. The higher the Z-Index, the higher priority the element will have in regards to stacking.
OverflowDetermines the behavior of remaining content that goes beyond the bounds of the container.

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