Push Notifications for Android

Get a Firebase account

Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service is used to send push notifications on Android. Sign up for an account here: https://firebase.google.com

Create a Firebase project

You'll need a Firebase project for your app. You can create one from the Firebase console.

Add an Android App

For each Firebase project, you add the types of apps you're building. In this case, you'll need to add an Android app to your Firebase project.

Make sure that the Android package name you enter matches the package name you have set in your Draftbit project at Project Settings > Google Play Store > Package name (docs)

When you get to the Download config file step, download the google-services.json file to your computer making note of its location.

Enable Legacy Cloud Messaging

Expo uses a Server Key issued by the Cloud Messaging API in order to authenticate on your behalf. This is a legacy API which needs to be enabled.

Once you have enabled the API, you will have a Server Key Token. Copy the token and save it for the next step.

Send credentials to Draftbit

Once you have your apps google-services.json file and the Server Key, contact us through Intercom and provide the credentials. We will add them to your Draftbit app.

Once your credentials have been added, your app will be ready to receive push notifications.