Deleting Firestore Documents

Deleting documents in your Firestore collection requires that you have two types of components on your screen:

  • A Button or Touchable component to submit the data the user inputs.
  • A Document ID.

On the Button/Touchable you want to use to submit the user inputs, navigate to the "Interactions" tab in the right-hand panel and click the "+" to add an Action. In the drop-down, select "Firebase Request."


Inside the Firebase Request Setup config:

  • add a Name of the Firebase Request. For example, "Delete book"
  • add the type of the Firebase Request from the dropdown, and select Delete Document

In the Firebase Request Configurations section:

  • select the Firestore collection
  • the ID of the document you want to delete

Here's an example of how to configure this using an Icon Button component to delete a document.


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