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Creating an Application

Once you've made your way through the onboarding process, you will be placed into the Apps section of the Dashboard. On this screen, you are free to experiment with a starter app, Rentbit, or you can go straight to creating your first app.

If you would like to add some pre-made screens to get a head start on your app building process, you can go over to the "Examples" tab and add any of the screens from our template gallery to your project.

If you'd like to start from scratch, click "New App" to get started and give your app a name.

You can change the name of your app any time in the "Settings" tab.

After giving your app a name, take a moment to get set up with Live Preview. When you scan the QR code and open Expo, the screen will be blank since you're starting with, well...nothing. But that will change soon!

Building Your Screen

Click "Add", to open up the component drawer where you can view all available Bits and Blocks. Here, we'll add a basic "Text" element.

If you have the Expo app open on your phone, your newly added Text will appear on the screen.

Configuring Components

Once you've added an element to your screen, you can customize it and change its alignment or layout properties. Here, we're changing the Text Align to "Center" and changing the Text Color to "Primary" in the Config Panel.

If Expo is still open on your phone, you'll also see any changes you make in the Config Panel appear in real time on its screen.

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