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A slideshow-like component that allows the user to swipe through a collection of images.

Make sure the Image file names begin with a letter, not a number!




Select images you have uploaded to be included in the carousel.

Dot Color

Select the color of the dots on the carousel swiper.

Resize Mode

Resize the image when the dimensions set in the component don't match the actual dimensions of the image. Refer to the Resize Mode table below to learn more about each setting.

Resize Mode



The image is resized to fill the container will retaining its proportions, even if the container is larger than the dimensions of the image.


The image is resized so that the picture fits within the container and is fully visible, even if that means the image will not fill the entire container.


The image is resized to fill the container and display the entire image. To ensure the image is fully visible, the image will not always stretch proportionally and may appear distorted.


If the container is larger than the image, multiple instances of the image will render to fill up the container.


Adjusts the image so that the center of the image is visible regardless of the size of the container.

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