Bottom Panel

The Bottom Panel is available inside Draftbit's builder interface. This panel contains the following tabs:

Console Logs


The Console Logs tab displays the result of console statements that are either triggered by Log to Console action or by console.log() statements in Custom Code.


The Console Logs tab is viewable when there your Draftbit app is in Preview mode (either web, iOS, or Android) and not in Design mode.

Help & Community

The Help and Community tab allows quick access to Draftbit's most commonly used links such as new updates, Draftbit community, tutorials, documentation, guides, YouTube channel, etc.



The Walkthroughs tab provides you help with the most common aspect of using Draftbit builder interface.


How-to Videos

The How-to Videos tab contains a collection of helpful material produced by the Draftbit team to help you with the journey of building your app. If you are stuck on something, make sure to check it out.


Draftbit 101

The Draftbit 101 tab helps you walk through some of the resources if you are new to Draftbit.